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The Yukon – Space and Comfort Abound

by | Jan 10, 2023

Have you been searching for the perfect entertainment addition to your home? A Hot Tub not only provides relaxation but endless enjoyment for the whole family.

Ensuring you have enough space and features to keep the cold at bay with the perfect spa might feel discouraging. Look no further, depth and space come easy in The Yukon!


The Perfect Size for Your Family

The Yukon is 7′ x 7′ with one of the largest footwells in the industry, ensuring a comfortable amount of space for everyone. As one of our larger models, this tub has a water volume of 334 Gallons or 1264 Litres.

This model seats 6 people making it the optimal seating arrangement for your family unit and possibly a couple of friends! His and hers shuttle seats for you and your partner will have you basking in comfort. Two more corner bucket seats and bench seating will allow you to entertain guests or your family for hours!


Low Maintenance

With the addition of our automated salt water care system Spa Boy®, you can be assured that your water consumption and maintenance stay low. This technology is exclusive to Arctic Spas® and represents the most important advancement to hot tubs in many years.

This system precisely controls the output of our integrated salt water system, keeping your sanitizer levels within the optimum range. Through the process of electrolysis, the sodium chloride works to recycle itself, meaning you will not only introduce fewer chemicals into your tub but will not need to replace the salt.

Additionally, you will only need to drain your tub once a year, as compared to traditional chemicals like chlorine or bromine that will have you draining and refilling your spa three to four times a year. To read more about salt water tubs, please read “Everything You Need to Know About Salt Water Hot Tubs“.


Features are an important aspect when it comes to finding the perfect backyard spa for your family. With a wide range of standard features such as FreeHeat™ and High Efficiency Aquaflow Pumps, this model is guaranteed to keep your tub energy efficient. As The Yukon is part of our custom series, the ability to customize your features and choose exactly what you need makes The Yukon the perfect choice for you and your family.

Winter blues got you feeling low? With the family lighting package, you can enhance your experience with underwater lights, elegant backlighting, and a full range of lighting effects – static, multi-color, fades and patterns. Whisk away to the lighting effects of lighting comparable to the northern lights, and add in your favourite music to make the experience even better!


Perfect For Your Family

The size of The Yukon, with its space and comfort will have you and your family relaxing in no time. With numerous standard features and the ability to customize this model with additional features, you’ll find that The Yukon is the ideal tub for your family!